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SprutCAM is a CAM system for NC program generation for machining using multi-axis milling, turning, turn/mill, Wire EDM numerically controlled machines and machining centers.
The system enables the creation of NC programs for machines with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adjusted to NC equipment of virtually any kind

SprutCAM functionality and wide range of features enables the efficient machining of dies, press tools, casting molds, preproduction models, master models, machine parts, original and mass production parts, basic parts, spare parts, wooden parts, templates, engraving of inscriptions and images.


Calculation of control programs in SprutCAM is carried out by taking into account the kinematic scheme of the NC. Through this control program calculations for NC with different configurations are possible and calculated tool motions do not need further modifications for different NC considerations. In addition to NC devices such as lathe steady, tail-stock, revolving table in the kinematic scheme of the NC the most varied fixturings and toolings can be connected. Today the SprutCAM equipment library contains hundreds of types of specific machines. For addition of a new equipment to a library module of the original kinematic configurations and schemes is used.


Different knife cutting tools can be combined into a tool libraries or user defined libraries which attaches to a corresponding machines.
It is possible to use tool libraries provided tooling by suppliers.
The user can modify these to suit the particular requirements of a machine or particular task.



SprutCAM features several 2.5D machining strategies for the machining of multi-level 2D parts. Available strategies include calculation of both roughing and finishing tool paths.
Machining parts of any level of complexity is achieved with strategies for machining: along a contour, island machining, vertical walls, slots & pocket with islands.
The system has the ability to automatically recognize horizontal surfaces and holes. The system supports all types of hole machining including tapping and thread milling.
Automatic recognition of rest material. Full control of machining accuracy is included.


SprutCAM has a wide range of 3D machining strategies that enables the machining of parts with complex freeform surfaces for both conventional and high speed. The user has the capability to create tool paths that are defined by the scallop height; this ensures achievement of the required surface accuracy and quality. A real labor saving feature is the automatic recognition of remaining material for rest milling. A wide range of strategies for rough and finish works provides high quality machined surfaces.



Rotary machining in SputCAM is an element milling, when linear displacement in the line of one of the standard axis X, Y, Z converted into a rotational travers. This way of machining is ideally suited for the axel part machining such as cranked shaft, camshaft, oil well and gas industry detail of tooling equipment, augers. Rotary machining reduces the labour expenses for detail production while increasing the quality by positioning inaccuracy between machines. SprutCAM contains a wide range of strategies for the calculation of rotary processing control programs.



When doing multi-axis machining, the required rotation angle of the part can be achieved interactively by simply clicking on the required part of the 3D model surface that will automatically position (rotate) the part. SprutCAM automatically calculates the necessary rotation angles and generates the NC program. The tool path is formed taking into account the predefined machine kinematics for index machining for 4-5 and more axes machines. The multi-axes machining comprises 2.5, 3 and 4 axis milling strategies. NC programs are calculated with account for transformation of the working CS. To carry out machining of the same part on a machine with another kinematics scheme, it only requires selection of the required machine and recalculation of the operations. Multi-axis machining significantly reduces the number of processing units, improves the quality of machining while labor intensity reducing.




SprutCAM has strategies for 5-axis machining that allow to develop control programs for all types of multi-axis milling machines, including chasing milling machining centres. The NC program is created taking into consideration the CNC machine model that allows avoidance of collisions of any type during machining. The possibility of calculating the control programs based on the transformation of the coordinate system machining (TCPM). All modern strategies for building tool path and orientation control of the tool axis are supported



SprutCAM milling strategies include features for creating ‘High-Speed’ milling tool paths. Trochoidal ‘penetration’ tool paths, smoothing of sharp corners, arc approach and retraction all help to ensure smooth tool paths and a consistent area of cut, which, together with the calculated lead in / out moves enables the use of high-speed milling. All this reduces dynamic stresses on the machine while high speed of the tool providing.


Programmable multi-tasking turning center with back spindle implemented in SprutCAM (MTM). It made possible to develop of control programs to provide concurrent processing in several items by using several tools.


SprutCAM includes a full range of strategies for the turning of both simple and complex parts. Included are rough and finish turning and boring (both radial and axial) operations, grooving, axial bore machining and threading of all types are standard. SprutCAM supports all known turning cycles. It is possible to program lathes with continuous B axis. All tool paths are calculated taking into account any remaining material. Machining options are set automatically based on the selected tool library. SprutCAM programmatically enables to manage any driven elements of the machine: steadies, tail-stock, chuck, parts catcher etc.


SprutCAM ensures the creation of NC programs for all types of turn/mill machines. Machines can be programmed with any number and arrangement of turrets equipped with a drive tool with the axes of C, Y and B. CNC machine tool schemes that can include tooling systems with any tool position and number are supported; hence, the NC program can include a combination of both lathe and milling abilities. All strategies for the lathe and 2.5-5 axes milling machining are available. Synchronization of turrets on Multi-turret machines is also available.


Wire EDM

SprutCAM wire EDM operations enable the creation of 2 axis internal and external vertical contour machining. There are also 4-axis machining strategies with automatic, interactive and precise synchronization working with either 2D (curves) or 3D models. Cutting parameter databases can be defined for each individual machine and the many possibilities for multiple profile machining ensure excellent surface accuracy with minimum user input. Automatic, interactive and precise placement of 'bridges’ for connected features prevents parts dropping out of the material. Hole position for wire feed are transferred to the holes machining operation in order to create the NC program for hole drilling.



SprutCAM has a module for sheet material cutting (profiling). Users have complete control over the sequence of the machining strategies and operations. Bridges can optionally be placed in order to reduce the risk of deformation of thin parts. Rapid moves of the cutting head can be specified to be only above areas of scrap / waste material. SprutCAM enables the development of NC programs for plasma, laser, OXY-FUEL and WaterJet cutters.



SprutCAM - work integrated environment that allows to develop NC programs for different types of machining by industrial robots. The system comprises the following machining modules:

  • Milling
  • Plasma arc cutting
  • WaterJet cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Knife cutting
  • Welding (arc, laser)
  • Surface grinding
  • Deburring edges of details
  • Area cladding
  • Thermal strengthening of the surface.

The calculation of tool path along details is made in view by:

  • Robot kinematics
  • Singularity area
  • Coverage area
  • The range of allowable angular rotation of the joints of the robot
  • Collision control
  • Control of additional axes of the robotic cell

With account for selected machining type, SprutCAM generates and outputs the technological commands inherent to the selected machining type to the control program.



SprutCAM makes an opportunity of automatic formation processing technology on CNC machines based on engineering and design elements of the 3D model. Formation of technology involves three stages:

  • FBM recognition standard
  • Sorting and formation of machining operations by given conditions (by the elements, by the plane and tool, etc.)
  • NC generation



SprutCAM includes a powerful machining simulation module, which allows the user to simulate the machining of the part using any machine already included in SprutCAM using full machine kinematics and 3D model. The machining simulation enables the machining technology to be optimized for maximum efficiency, tooling and machine life etc. During the simulation the automatically controls all of the machining process taking into account all the travels of the machine’s main and auxiliary axes on the subject of prevention of collisions. SprutCAM standard distribution kit includes a set of machines for practically all types of metalcutting machinery.

Machine module simulation is:

  • Multi-axis machining simulation taking into account the movement of all the axes of the machine according to its kinematics scheme
  • Realistic machining simulation
  • High authenticity of the machined part model allows visual examination of the machining quality to detect possible problem area’s
  • Visualization of zones with insufficient machining and penetration, e.g.: in case of negative stock or low precision machining
  • Comparison of the machined part to the original model
  • Visual control of the remaining material
  • Control of the tool radius and length during the simulation


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