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SprutCAM is a CAM system for generating NC programs for milling operations with multiple axes, motorized turning and wire EDM, on CNC machines. The system allows the creation of NC programs for machine tools with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adapted to any type of numerical control

SprutCAM thanks to the wide range of functions and controls it allows efficient machining of molds, dies, punches, production models, mechanical parts, wooden parts, and more generally of any type of detail.

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ANSYS DISCOVERY (Spaceclaim) is the easiest, fastest and most powerful 3D system available on the market today. It is designed to bring three-dimensional technology to all levels of the business and cover areas of need that other software can not cope with. The classic CAD 3D present on the market today are based on technologies born more than twenty years ago and are presented as difficult, expensive tools (to be purchased, to be maintained and put into production), heavy, not very usable and slow. They require long learning time and "putting into operation" and their return on investment requires a decidedly too long time. Often the user is bound to the product because of the difficult recovery of the historian and this limits the change.

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